My name is Shannon Brooks. Thank you so much for your interest in my photography services.

My top priority is to provide my clients with top-notch images, customer service, and personalized sessions to fit their specific needs.  Each session is unique and I love that about being a portrait photographer. 💜

Creative storytelling is an important part of how I take photos.  
I do this by encouraging natural interactions - creating images that show the candid moments that take place beyond the posing, in the *in-between* moments of smirks, smiles, & laughter. 

I integrate creative storytelling into Professional Head Shots and Styled Model Photos, too.

Business and artist professionals need to tailor their photos to scream their personality & success - I help them do just that. 

I make your vision, my vision & transform it into an image that leaves a lasting impression. Don't have a vision? That's ok, I can help you :)

To put it simply, my goal is to create images that you LOVE.


Contact me today to create YOUR impactful images!

🌈LGBTQ Ally 

Ok. So here's some personal stuff ... 


I'm an Indiana native & grew up in Greenfield. Since 2010, I've lived in Kansas, Arizona, and Texas while my husband served in the Army.  Arizona was my absolute FAVORITE! It was pretty cool getting to see different landscapes and meeting awesome people at each duty station. We were a little sad to leave the Army life, but the flip side is that we get to settle in and plant some roots.

I absolutely LOVE learning. Learning about culture and people and.. just, everything!
 I have an Associate of Arts with a concentration on Creative Writing, and was once a certified physical therapy aide - (don't quiz me, it's been a while!) I have a wide variety of interests. I love music of all genres. Dancing. Yoga. Nature. Organizing. Emojis. Playing Softball. FOOTBALL SEASON! *Go COLTS!* And I'm never opposed to a good Netflix binge 😏 and a glass *ahem, bottle* of wine. 

My husband and I have two dogs and two cats, who are seriously spoiled and we love them to pieces. 

Why I shoot...

It sounds cheesy, but I see beauty everywhere.  Everywhere I look, there is *something* catching my eye. I just love to capture it. Beauty, to me, can also be as simple as wisp of hair in the sunlight, or the array of various expressions across a crowd in the street.. I'm enamored by the act of living.  
Seeing other humans experiencing little pieces of time together makes my heart smile. The senior graduating soon...  getting ready for prom... couples being silly together.. celebrating a brand new union in love..   *sigh*  Yes, I will forever be THAT person, crying at a client's wedding.   

Over the years, as life has handed me experiences which gave me new perspectives, I have developed a passion for being there when a person is at their most vulnerable. Photos are a gift. There are moments in life that you will never get back, and memories fade. This is personal to me because my grandma had Alzheimer's and my grandpa is currently struggling with dementia, so preserving special occasions, and just as important - everyday, casual moments, is SUPER important to me. My best gift to my clients is to take photos that will hold on to the emotions weaving through those moments. 💜