Real Estate Photos

$75 +tax


*For all homes under 3,000 square feet, plus photos of exterior/property

*Up to 50 professional quality and edited photos (depending on size of home) 

*Photos of community amenities, such as pool, playground, etc. 

*Digital images delivered via an online gallery for you to download


Cancellations or rescheduling must occur within 2 hours of the scheduled time, or a $30 fee will be assessed. 


If weather is poor (rain or snow prohibiting travel) we can reschedule to make sure we get the best photos for you possible. Cloudy days are not a problem, but if you would rather have a sunny day, we can reschedule. Sky backgrounds are available for up to two photos if necessary. 

Home Presentation: 

The home should be photo ready upon arrival of photographer. Home owners do not need to be present. Please allow at least an hour for photos. Should the home not be ready at the scheduled time, a $30 fee will be assessed. 

Homes 3,000-4,000 square feet: $100 +tax

Homes over 4,000 square feet: $125 +tax

Detailed photos of staging: add $50 (for up to 20)  

Photos of properties over an acre: add $50 (if photos needed around the property)

Arial photos available soon! 


All prices are subject to sales tax. Prices are based on the location being within 45 minutes of Speedway, IN,

add $30 for each half hour thereafter.