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Vinny is *soaring* towards Graduation from Decatur Central. Go Hawks!

April 25, 2017



2017 High School Seniors are counting down 🙌🏼  


The end of the school year is closing in fast.  I'm so happy we were able to get Vinny's senior photos taken care of before he crossed the stage between high school and what comes next.


Graduating from high school is a once in a lifetime milestone.  It's such an exciting time and I love hearing all about the seniors and what they have their sights set on for the future. 😎


But first, music.


At the beginning of my senior sessions, I like to help loosen everybody up with some tunes. Please note: I will make you choose something.  It's all about YOU! So why not boogie to your jam during your session!?  


Once we got some Twenty One Pilots playing, we wandered around in a charming area.. under the bleachers, ha!  



Vinny plays for the Decatur Central Hawks football team. He spent time on both the offensive and defensive line. Being the football geek that I am, I found that to be pretty cool. He also ran track to help stay in shape for football. 



The sledgehammer had me pretty curious when I saw him carrying it, along with his football helmet and letter jacket.  As it turns out, it was actually an award given to him and something that was meaningful, so it was awesome that he brought it along to incorporate into his senior photos!